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Discuss Misrepresented Car and Rolled Back Odometer in the General Car Biz Talk forum at Car Dealer Forums; I purchased a car at Manheim Dallas yesterday at their regular Wednesday auction. The car ...
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    Default Misrepresented Car and Rolled Back Odometer

    I purchased a car at Manheim Dallas yesterday at their regular Wednesday auction. The car was a 2001 volvo S80 It was marked by the auction company as having 111,000 miles on it. The auctioneer mentions no problems with the car and the low miles. I buy the thing, take it to my dealership and put it on display for sale and on our website. That evening a customer calls about the car and says I did a google search on the VIN number and it says "its a Salvage vehicle with 208,600 miles on it, why does your website say it only has 111k, miles?"

    So I tell the guy I'm sure thats not right so of course I check it out when I get back to the office. Sure enough I was sold the week before at the Copart Salvage Auction and it has 208K miles on their site and in the photos. I'm amazed. The car got nearly 100k miles younger at the Manheim Dallas Auction.

    I called and called Manheim I'm trying to describe the problem and the Manheim employees treat you like crap on the phone. Its nearly impossible to reach anyone at Manheim when there is a problem. Its difficult to get return phone calls. Finally in late afternoon today David Robertson the Manheim GM calls me back and says just take the car to the auction and talk to Phillip Braun and he'll fix everything. So I do this.. Get to Manheim and talk to Braun at first he's an ass but then I just tell him flat out his customer service sucks.. He apologizes and then we're good until he tells me that they can't refund my cash that I paid the day before. 25 C notes cash. Ok I say then just credit my account. I can't do that either.

    After some period of time the "Controller" shows up to explain their policies.. I say I paid cash I want cash back. He laughs and makes a little gun with his hand and twerks it at me and says "I'll never give you cash back we don't do that". Another Manheim Ass. I just want my cash back. The only thing they will do is cut a company check. So I say ok Fed Ex me a check. I go to pick up the car and they say.. we won't send a check if you take the car.... I take the car and have now filed a Dealer Complaint with the State of Texas on Manheim Dallas for Odometer roll back and misrepresenting a vehicle.

    I see little more than incompetence from Manheim and rude employees. What do you see?

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    wow! That's terrible. It's completely illegal to mess with an odometer under the Federal Truth in Mileage Act (TIMA) regardless of a salvage title or not. Does the title show the mileage as incorrect? Did you sign a mileage statement?

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    im not surprised with cases like this, we even experienced it before
    so the best thing we can do is to avoid odometer fraud - Official Site | How To Avoid Odometer Fraud
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    Odometer fraud also referred to as odometer rollback, is the illegal act of changing or altering the mileage readings on a vehicle to make it appear to have a lower total mileage. Stat odometer fraud is a felony offense.

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    My suggestions is to get a lawyers who will work for you You won't know til you tried.

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