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Discuss Should I CLOSE my business? in the General Car Biz Talk forum at Car Dealer Forums; I really need advice, this is a big move for me. I have been buying ...
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    Question Should I CLOSE my business?

    I really need advice, this is a big move for me.

    I have been buying and selling cars for over 6 years as a private party. About 1 per month average. I'd search for a couple weeks on Craigslist for the one or two home run deals here and there and make really good money on them.

    My dad bought a commercial property on a really big lot in a not-so-good location. The parking lot is cratered with big potholes and the building is large, but overall in really bad shape, I finished the front third of the interior:

    I tried provide a link to some pics of the car lot, but it wont let me

    So I got my license back in March 2014, started going to auctions and found half the cars are junk, and the other half are sold for more money than I could even sell them for.

    Craigslist has been my ONLY avenue for buying and selling until now. after I became a dealer ALL of my ads on craigslist got flagged for being in the owner section, so I started paying for advertising on CL, as well as Facebook, Autotrader, local print magazines and NOTHING has worked to buy OR sell!

    I have observed more & more dealers and curbstoners posting in the "owner" section and now competition is so high... even with the unlicensed people. It seems like craigslist is so over run buy dealers that private individuals don't even search or list there anymore.

    It's like I'm pissing into the wind. Nobody wants to buy from an independent dealer, and I have NO CLUE where to find inventory. I NEED to sell at least 3 cars per month ($500 profit each) just for overhead to break even, and Im lucky to find one or two good deals per month.

    The majority of people are buying later model cars and I don't know ANYBODY who would want to drive 15 minutes away from the interstate, to come to a run down car lot with a cratered parking lot to sign a loan for $10,000

    Should I just send my license back to the State?

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    As a business owner myself, I have certainly asked the very same question to myself a few times in the past 6 years of running my own marketing agency. In parallel, I write a buy dissertation, because higher education is very important.
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    The last few weeks (maybe over a month) has been slow AS SHIT.

    Here in AZ, they make it so god damn simple to get a license its a joke. Theres literally no Oversight let alone Preliminary checks when you apply for a license. Because of these every damn joe bozo is a dealer. Then lets not forget the idiot dealers who share their license with 50 of their cousins as well. These 2 points really saturated the market like ridiculous, not to mention bad too for dealers. Alot of these Shared license dealers and fly by night operations have been hurting me mainly with curbstoning. Also they all buy the cheap crap and pay cash mostly, and mostly buy the stuff that has title present at the auctions. So for a small dealer like me you get the idiot customer who doesnt seem to understand im not a private party.

    You just gotta find a niche i guess.

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