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    Hi all. I am new to the site, but I was hoping you all could do me favor and give me your opinion on the situation and what I should do in order to take care of the issue I am having.
    On November 7 of this year, I purchased a vehicle from a used car dealership. The gentlemen who owns the lot is good friends with my boss. In fact, my boss is the one who gave him a call and told him I was coming. I dont have the best credit, so in order for me to purchase something and be able to make payments, I would need someone to take my word for it that I would pay for the vehicle in the long run. So my bosses friend told me to come on in and he would get me in something without a doubt. Even though I doubted I would actually be purchasing a vehicle that evening, I drove that way and an hour and a half later I arrived.
    When I got there the owner was not there but had given one of his employees the heads up that I was coming. The lady said I had three options to choose from and pointed them out and told me a price for each of them. Long story short, I drove the one I was most interested in and decided to go through with it. I put X amount of money down and we set up a payment plan where I would pay towards in every two weeks. My first payment would be due about 2 and a half weeks later.
    Well.....within that 2 weeks quite a few things ended up happening with the vehicle. I also forgot to mention that it was roughly a $2000 car and was sold as is- no warranty. but within that 2 weeks i ended up putting quite a bit of time and money into the vehicle. Driving home from work one night, I noticed that one of my wheel bearings was starting to make a noise that was noticeable, but nothing that would have to be taken care of immediately. The next morning on my way to work, the noise got extremely bad and I ended up pulling over. When I got out of the truck, my wheel had almost fallen off of my truck. So long story short I pulled into a random parking lot and went and got a hub assembly and tools and changed out the hub in the parking lot. I also noticed that there was a problem with the charging system. When I looked into it further, I found that the terminals were so loose on the battery that I could pull them off by hand. So I ended up fixing that as well. Then a few days later heading home from work, i started to hear a noise similar to the noise my wheel bearing was making, but a little different. I was doing about 75 on the highway. Out of nowhere the noise got loud and I heard a loud crack noise and saw smoke and immediately pulled over. I looked under the truck and saw that my transfer case had cracked all the way around. I also came to find out that there was no spare tire or tools in the truck.
    My first payment was due in a few days from when this happened. The day that it was due I contacted the lady I purchased the car from and explained to her all the issues I had been having. I explained to her that I wanted to try and work something out, but that I could not afford to make the payment and pay for the parts I needed for the truck. She said she had to talk to her boss and would get back to me. That was roughly three weeks ago and I still have not heard back from her or anyone else.
    I was told by my uncle that I should write a letter explaining everything and send it to the dealership via certified mail and also get a receipt showing that I sent it as well as one that showed that they received it. I feel like they should do something in order to help me take care of the issue. But I am not sure what route to go.
    Anybody's opinion or advice would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks everyone
    I would also like to add that i would not mind having them refund my down payment save having them come tow the vehicle back to the lot. What are the odds I can make this happen?

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