I want to buy used cars (clean and salvage) in the wholesale market and export them out of US. I understand that this is government regulated industry and it's hard for a beginner to process all the information available on the internet. I have a lot of questions on this topic, some of them aren't very car dealer related, however I hope someone on this forum will be able to answer them all.
1. Currently I am not a citizen of US and I am a non-resident alien. If I incorporate a sole proprietorship, does my status change?
2. Can a non-citizen get a dealer's license?
3. If I get a particular state's license, can I buy nationwide?
4. All the used cars I buy will be exported. Which license should I get?
5. Are there any used car export regulations?
6. Most of the vehicles will be bought with my client's money by me. It is illegal to lend your license to third party, but is it legal to receive income from third party and buy a car for them? After export the car would be registered in the client's name.
7. All states have different laws and I don't care where my llc will be incorporated. Which state should I choose? I want the best possible conditions in terms of taxes, fees, bureaucracy, dealer requirements.
8. All states require to have a location of dealership, however for me this doesn't make any sense as all the cars I buy will be directly taken to ports for export. Which states have the most relaxed requirements for location? I do not want to buy or rent real estate just to have an address. Maybe someone from this board would allow me to register my dealership in their's location? If so, please send me a PM.
9. I would buy the cars remotely and transport them with trucks, even if the car is in great condition. Do I need to have dealer's plates on them? Are they mandatory?
10. Can I register the car in my sole proprietorship name before it is exported? Does it have to be insured and inspected to do so?

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