Hi everyone,

I'm new to selling cars I work in Massachusetts and have been employed at my dealership since last July, everything was well and good through the busy months I was making tons of money selling cars. Now that its winter things have slowed down especially my sales. When I don't sell enough or any cars in a given week my dealership is required to pay me minimum wage, they add whatever amount they need to off my base weekly salary to give me min wage. This added income is called Draw money. But it turns out this Draw money is money they feel I owe them back! I don't get it. So week after slow week goes by and the Draw money keeps adding up. And then when I do have a good week/month they literally TAKE what I "owe" them. They don't give me the option of breaking it up over time, they just take as much as they want to square my owed Draw amount. How is this legal?? Their required by law to pay me minimum wage but then TAKE it back when they feel like? This doesn't seem right to me. Is this really how it works everywhere out there?

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