There is so much information on the Web today that it is almost impossible to locate all of the quality information available to you on a particular subject.

In the pre-Web days, bulletins were assuredly the most common way for people to keep up with their interests as well as to collaborate. Users could subscribe to newsgroups and information on the net was readily and easily available if you knew how to use these traditional tools.

Then a thing called the World Wide Web came along which revolutionized the overall online experience, including the way people located and kept up with information. For years, businesses were forced to learn how to thrive in search by what was called SEO, or Search Engine Optimization.

Traditional SEO involved defining the siteís meta tags such as keywords and descriptions and then listing their site with these search engines on a regular basis. Many companies provided this service at various levels for a fee and eventually it became an inherent part of most any website marketing package.

Then Google came along and revolutionized search all together, and shortly thereafter introduced a thing called PPC, or pay-per-click advertising. As a result, SEO seemingly took a back seat, at least in the auto industry. In fact, so much emphasis has been put on PPC advertising in this industry since it came out that it appears our rapidly paced technology sector has turned a blind eye to the evolution of SEO.

I donít think it will take much longer for the auto industry to realize this. SEO is a fascinating science, and art for that matter, and it is beginning to regain the credibility it should always have had. One of the greatest benefits to good SEO is its residual benefit, which is an import part of search marketing that PPC does not offer. Residual benefit simply means that the effective efforts you put forth into your SEO do not just disappear because you took a week or two off from focusing on it. While doing so does have a consequence, the point is that because SEO takes time to build into higher search placement, it also sticks around longer unlike PPC where the minute you stop purchasing key word ads then your site stops appearing in the results.

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