Search Engine Marketing and Optimization have become big competition points for car dealers and service providers over the past many months. This is likely due to the increased awareness in the power of Organic Search.

We write about this daily on our blog and strive to produce useful information that not only educates dealers about SEM and SEO, but also gives them techniques to apply and things to consider when being courted by SEM companies.

Ironically, there seems to be more service providers talking about and optimizing their online presence for car dealer search marketing then there is actual market. When you analyze the search volume patterns, topics such as "automotive seo" and "automotive search marketing" have low volume trends. Essentially, the market seems to have been saturated on the topic which is likely going to present a challenge for dealers investigating the topic.

Will car dealers go with whomever has the better presentation, or who costs the least, or who appears online in the SERPs more often? Or will they simply go with the first SEO company that they come by?

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