I was wondering if you all could help me with by answering a couple of questions. I'm in the process of developing a new product for SPECIFICALLY aimed at helping car dealers - new and used. To help with that process - and to have you my customer involved - I would like to get your thoughts and insight.

1) What is the most important area of your business?
2) Is there any pain or problems or issues that are a part of that most important area of your business? What are they?
3) What is the greatest thing about being a car dealer? What is it that you enjoy the most?
4) What would help you enjoy the thing you like the most even more?
5) If you could change one thing about being a car dealer, what would it be?
6) Is there a question that I should have asked about being a car dealer but didn't?

That's it for now. Again, the product that I'm working on will be specifically aimed at helping you achieve greater satisfaction and success as a car dealer, and your feed back is directly related to that goal.
Thank you in advance for your input, guidance and assistance.
All the best

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