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  • F&I Toolbox Contributors

    This group is for Finance Managers interested in using and helping to improve my free F&I Toolbox located at

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  • Auto Finance Industry

    Auto Finance Industry


    Greetings Dealer Community,

    Are you interested in posting articles, perspectives, commentary and submitting your dealership to a directory? Interactive online video and text chat available to see who you are talking with.. perhaps your bank rep, vendor rep and more... tell all your friends working at dealers... speak up, speak out and share your views. Spectate or participate, it is up to you! Times are tough and varied perspectives are necessary these days.. visit (Free) In an effort to keep the integrity of the site, it is asked you connect through to validate your professional footprint to be sure the content is relevant and from a professional such as you!

    Best Regards,


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    Hi Jeff
  • Sharing is Caring

    This group is for all people who work in the dealership. Managers, Sales Reps, Porters, Cashiers, whoever. We can share successful ideas, and help each other avoid making the same mistakes by talking about them, and gathering other information from like-minded professionals. Sharing ideas that bring success! :)

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  • Online Sales Training

    A group to discuss the benefits of online sales training, or training in general for your sales staff

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    Online Sales Training
  • GUARANTEED CAR SALES has Launched the
    First-Ever GUARANTEED CAR SALES Platform!
    (Minimum 30 Cars to Start)

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  • Hot Wheels

    Lets Discuss all about hottest, Coolest and newest Cars here.

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    Become one of our agents and get paid for something you're already doing. is a #1 website established since 2007 where customers go to receive auto financing, Our Auto dealerships and lenders must specialize in sub-prime financing, our applicants are guaranteed an auto loan for a fee of $119.00- Our Motto- No Loan No Fee!
    We don't accept just anyone our agents must be experienced in automobile financing, We pay 60% Commission of the $119.00 referral Fee- that's $72.00 dollars every time you sell someone a car that obtained an auto loan from

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  • Car sales in Dallas

    Thus group is for car sales consultants

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  • Auto Sales Events

    This group is for anyone involved in Sales Events from in house to staffed. A place to discuss and share ideas and problems we face.

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    In House vs. Staffed