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Discuss Hydrogen fuel cell in the Honda forum at Car Dealer Forums; In Takanezawa, Japan, on 16 June 2008, Honda Motors produced the first assembly-line FCX Clarity, ...
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    Default Hydrogen fuel cell

    In Takanezawa, Japan, on 16 June 2008, Honda Motors produced the first assembly-line FCX Clarity, a hybrid hydrogen fuel cell vehicle. More efficient than a gas-electric hybrid vehicle, the FCX Clarity combines hydrogen and oxygen from ordinary air to generate electricity for an electric motor.

    The vehicle itself does not emit any pollutants and its only by products are heat and water. The FCX Clarity also has an advantage over gas-electric hybrids in that it does not use an internal combustion engine to propel itself. Like a gas-electric hybrid, it uses a lithium ion battery to assist the fuel cell during acceleration and capture energy through regenerative braking, thus improving fuel efficiency. The lack of hydrogen filling stations throughout developed countries will keep production volumes low. [47] Honda will release the vehicle in groups of 150. California is the only US market with infrastructure for fueling such vehicle, though the number of stations is still limited. Building more stations is expensive, as the California Air Resources Board (CARB) granted $6.8 million for four H2 fueling stations, costing $1.7 million USD each.

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    Really hydrogen fuel technology is very useful and profitable also.
    We have to make it more superior. Hope we will.
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