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Discuss Engine Coolent vs. Water in the Hyundai forum at Car Dealer Forums; Hi Guys, I'm sorta a n00b with performance, mods ... etc. However I'm getting there. ...
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    Default Engine Coolent vs. Water

    Hi Guys,

    I'm sorta a n00b with performance, mods ... etc. However I'm getting there. I added a freeflow + branch to my Tib and also had a unichip added and dyna tuned. Brought me up from 185nm/106Kw to 202nm/119kw and gave it a more sporty sound ;-)

    I have question though, I see in the manual it says you MUST NOT put more than 60% rich coolant into the engine. No where can I find how much the radiator takes, so I cannot work out how much to add.

    Would putting pure coolent into the engine cause any damage? (glycol based coolant).

    As far as I understand rust/scale forms with water, especially the highly processed water we have. If there is only coolant, no rust, no scale?

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    I really like it the way it has been written.

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