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Discuss Hyundai Motor India Limited in the Hyundai forum at Car Dealer Forums; One of India's leading automobile manufacturers, Hyundai Motor India Limited has come out with its ...
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    Default Hyundai Motor India Limited

    One of India's leading automobile manufacturers, Hyundai Motor India Limited has come out with its latest model of its 'i-series', known as Hyundai i20. It is an upgraded version of the popular five-door hatchback - i10. The Indian version of Hyundai i20 will be produced exclusively in India. The new i20 promises to deliver more mileage and better interior spacing, as compared to its older version. Refreshing looks, versatile interiors, and superior driver dynamics of Hyundai i20 are sure to impress the Indian car lovers.

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    In 1983, Hyundai exported the Pony to Canada, but not to the United States because the Pony didn't pass emissions standards there. Canadian sales greatly exceeded expectations, and it was at one point the top-selling car on the Canadian market. The Pony afforded a much higher degree of quality and refinement in the lowest price auto segment than the Eastern-bloc imports of the period then available.
    In 1986, Hyundai began to sell cars in the United States, and the Excel was nominated as Best Product 10 by Fortune magazine, largely because of its affordability. The company began to produce models with its own technology in 1988, beginning with the midsize Sonata.
    In 1996, Hyundai Motors India Limited was established with a production plant in Irrungattukotai near Chennai, India.

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    They are of the leading automobile manufacturer in all over the glob. They are always a big competitors for the other manufacturer in terms of quality.

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