With an impressive list of standard features, attractive and well finished interior, sublime handling, four speed automatic with added fifth gear and a powerful front wheel drive, 2008 Mazda3 i is a dream economy sedan that you should choose. An economy car with superstar athleticism, the performance of this superb car can’t be mistaken by anything less than the best. Compared to cars listed in the economy price hot list, this sedan makes a lot of difference in its class. The Mazda3 model was first released in mid year 2004 and up to this day Mazda improved the style and feature of this sedan reviving its luster, waiting again to be crowned as a champion vehicle with less the price. Its design may not be considered as classy as its competitor and not in the top grade of its breed, but rest assured that it is a notch higher considering its low price compared to other types. read more here Introducing New Cars: Mazda

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