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Discuss Looking to purchase in the Mitsubishi forum at Car Dealer Forums; Hello everyone, Im looking into a 2003 Diamante. I desperately need to get out of ...
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    Default Looking to purchase

    Hello everyone,

    Im looking into a 2003 Diamante. I desperately need to get out of this truck and into a more gas-friendly vehicle. A local dealer has a 2003, i believe vr-x but ill be finding more about it tomorrow when i go back and have more time.

    About the car. Its silver, fully loaded, leather/power everything/sunroof, infinity cd player.

    The dealer was 12,700 for it with about 60k miles. Im planning on trading my truck and the worst offer from kellybluebook is 7,600 which is a little more than i owe on it so i wont be upside down there.

    Anyone know how much i could talk them down? or what a reasonable offer would be?

    I appreciate all the help and look forward to posting in the section more often.

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    Default Looking to purchase car

    Its a scam. MSN money is just a website which is a news service on financial matters. You money will go somewhere else, disappear and the car will never turn up. Why are you doing this when there are lots of second hand cars in this country. If it looks too good to be true then it probably is.
    If its genuine then vendor should be able to show you the car without you putting cash up front. Would you expect to go to your local used car dealers and put up 5000 before they would let you look around their stock? And why can't the vendor sell it on the continent ?? To be used here it should be right hand drive, MPH speedo, Left hand dip lights and if they give you crap about an expats car please remember that almost all expats will have local cars and those that dont repatriate them for sale. Scam, Scam.

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    Awesome car with great features.

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