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Discuss stereo problems in the Mitsubishi forum at Car Dealer Forums; my '99 eclipse gs radio wouldnt come on so i replaced it with one from ...
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    Unhappy stereo problems

    my '99 eclipse gs radio wouldnt come on so i replaced it with one from a boneyard, entered the code and no sound issues forth, power antenna goes up and down(kinda, bent up antenna needs help to get all the way up or down) but no stations register when i hit the seek or scan buttons nor when i directly tune a known, clear station. cd plays, but again, no sound. the stock stereo was one of the two-piece variety with the separate cd player and never displayed anything except "off". the "new" one is an infinity version with tape and cd all in one large unit. is there a separate fused amp that may have popped? if so, where?

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