Most of the people in this world love travelling that may be in the form of recreational activities or appreciating wide spaces. Mitsubishi extensive 4x4 range is a perfect match for such activities. Highly exceptional ability, great comfort, safety to occupants and superb capabilities makeMitsubishi a car brand of the next generation. This is the outcome of some excellent efforts from engineers, which are providing great driving experienceresulting in towering capacityoffered through Mitsubishi’s Challenger, Pajero and Triton range.

Mitsubishi’s Triton is available in the models of Dual cab and Single cab whereas Challenger is offers increased loading capacityofup to threetones. The modifications in Triton lead to high transmission cooling, powerful engine and confirmation and stability assessments. The Pajero providesthree-tones of towing capacityfitted with 180 Kg tow ball, which is an increase of 250kg. There are many competitors who claim to provideequal or higher towing capacity but in reality they lack in various aspects such as luggage and passengers space this exceptional with this vehicles.
Mitsubishi’s 4x4 carsare example of safety, versatility and style and most suitable option for those who want something compatible for harsher conditions. The challenger, Pajero and Triton are icons of excellence. Its next generation offer slight modification in the design and structure for improved overall on road and off-road experience. These vehicles can be used for family purpose as well as for transportation of various goods.

All the three Mitsubishi’s vehicles, Challenger, Triton and Pajero come with a 5 years or 130,000 kmwarranty with added powertrain warranty of10 years or 160,000 km along with an assistance package of 5 years or 130,000 km.

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