I recently purchased a 2009 Rogue. I was up for its first service this past Saturday. I specifically asked the technician checking me in at the Service Department, "I do not want Synthetic Oil. Is that ok?" The service technician said, that's fine. No argument.

My car is quickly ready (a little too fast - I feel like it wasn't given the proper checks) 30 minutes later. I am checking out with my receipt and I realize that it says Synthetic oil was used. I go back to the technician and he said, well we don't use Conventional Oil. A) I'm pretty mad at this point that it wasn't explained to me up front B) Realizing the technician thinks I'm some dumb woman who doesn't know the difference. I express my anger and tell them I'm not returning to this dealer. I checked my oil afterwards and it appears new - so I guess they just did the service quickly.

I am upset because I am worried when my warranty ends and oil changes aren't covered at this dealership, I'll be paying more for a Synthetic blend.

Can you ever return to conventional oil after using a Synthetic Blend of oil???

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