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> Hi again;
> The saga continues. I've got a 1993 T&C van with the Bendix 10 ABS.
> I've resigned myself to the fact that I have to replace the ABS
> accumulator.
> Parts cost approx $250.
> So -- Where is this thing located? How difficult is it to replace
> myself.
> I've done lots of auto repair work before but this is my first ABS
> part.
> Are there any tricks in replacing it? Any special tools needed?
> Many Thanks in advance.
> Gary --- Atlanta.
> PS. Still in dispute with the dealer demanding why they didn't check
> the
> pump pressure and leak-down rate when I asked them to verify that the
> warranty parts are still good.

It takes less then 5 min to replace. purchase the part and you will see
where it goes and how easy it is to install. All you need is an oil filter
wrench or a large pair of pliers. MAKE SURE TO RELEASE ALL PRESSURE BEFORE
ATTEMPTING REPAIR! Key off......pump the brake pedal at least 60 times
before removing this part and do not turn key back on until the new part is
installed. Stop crying about the pressure test and the fact that you had to
purchase the part!!! The dealer did do a pressure test, how do you think
they told you the accumulator was bad??? A gauge has to be installed to
determine this.


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