Best Auto Repair Software / OBDII Code DB
Autotree Pro Ver. 1.45 is a 32 Bit ( WIN95-XP) software Application
for automotive diagnostics. The program written in a Tree format to
make systematic and quick diagnostic checks a breeze, organized by
area (Engine, Transmission, Electrical, Fuel, Emission, body, Clutch,
Etc. ) Just click on the area of interest, then the problem and get
instant repair suggestions to all your problems, covers all the major
areas of car repair. (Engine, Fuel, Ignition, Emission, Drive train,
Transmission, Brakes, Clutch, Body, Interior, maintenance, Etc.) THIS
VEHICLES FOR OVER 100 SYMPTOMS. Great for Repair Shops and the
Average Buyer as well. Buyers get free upgrades.
Program may be downloaded after purchase. (Paypal)

Also includes an extensive 50,000 error code database for all
computer controlled systems, Powertrain Control Module (PCM) Codes
(Engine/Transmission), Engine Control Module (ECM) Codes* Powertrain
(P) Trouble Codes, Instrument Panel Cluster (IPC) Codes , Antilock
Brake System (ABS) Codes , Supplemental Inflatable Restraint (SIR)
Codes , Air Conditioning Programmer (ACP) Codes, Traction Control
System (TCS) Codes , Body Control Module (BCM) Codes, and Road Sensing
Suspension (RSS) Codes

In addition to a fast easy to use treelike structure, any section
that requires such will refer you to a notes section for a more
detailed description of what to look for and how to fix it (Scroll
able text boxes). The software also has many new engine emission
checks ( How to read Engine CPU/ECU LED error codes which make complex
electrical and emission problems easy to understand and detect which
component has failed, ( Ford, Chrysler, GM codes ).

Many of the other Options it has include a repair Database (for
note taking during repairs), A Mileage Calculator and record keeper
(12 month), with charting Graphs (to compare mileage (before/after
tune ups or to watch for the need of a tune up)), or to track tire
wear, blue book value changes or anything else you might want to use
it for. A Maintenance Database for the date/Milage of the Last tune-
up, oil change, Trans service, New Tires, Brake Work, Hose/Belt
Inspection, Diff. Service., wheel bearing pack, Cooling system Service
and more. Plus Popup Scroll Text Boxes for : Notes (Extended or
Complex Repair Info.), Another sections tells what Spares to Carry on
long Trips, how to buy a good used car, and abbreviations used in the
software. A year charting function to chart any values that change by
year (Car depreciation, tire wear, etc.) And much more. Program also
has pulldown menus with Emission codes for ECU/CPU checking for Ford,
Chrysler and GM.

Written by a Programmer that was a journeymen mechanic himself for
over 15 years (myself, With lots of on the job tricks of the trade
understood). This program gets right to the point and does it fast
with a very easy to understand interface. Buyers may also Email me
(Email Form built into the application) for any non covered problems
they have and I research it ( I have around 30 chilton manuals for
such) and answer you right away as well as include this additional
info in the next upgrade release provided FREE.

Paypal Accepted, Download Link Sent right after payment is made.

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