I think it's covered at www.tofijoy@yahoo.co.in wrote:
> Hi all,
> I was driving my 1991 Honda Accord last week when, all of a sudden,
> the sports light on the dashboard started blinking, the speedometer
> dropped to zero, and the check engine light came on. I pulled over and
> shut down the engine. When I started driving again, everything was
> fine for a few minutes, but the same problems occured again. This
> pattern repeated a few times last week, but there has not been any
> issues for the last few days.
> From talking with the dealer, and also searching the internet, it
> seems to me that the speed sensor in the transmission system might be
> malfunctioning.
> Can anyone tell me if this is a serious problem that needs immediate
> repair? Would my car be OK if I wait a few more weeks to see how often
> the problem happens? it is just that the dealer quotes $95 for the
> diagnostics itself. I am on a limited budget, so I do not want to do
> any repair until it is absolutely necessary.
> Thank you very much,
> Fijoy


I think it's covered at www.tegger.com, or google the heck out of it and
you'll find it in the archives of this NG or the other one.


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