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    Tony Lance

    Default Big Bertha Thing features

    Big Bertha Thing features
    Cosmic Ray Series
    Possible Real World System Constructs
    6K Web Page
    Astrophysics net ring access site
    Newsgroup Reviews including

    Features, hyperbole and blurb, on the Pastures package and the quest.

    From Pastures Software Package Documentation.
    (Particle Structure Results Program in Fortran 77.)
    Sub-atomic Mesons, Baryons and Leptons Classification System.
    (C) Copyright Tony Lance 1997
    Distribute complete and free of charge to comply.

    Big Bertha Thing language

    The purest form of the english language is contained
    in the dead sea scrolls. There is not a lot of it, even there.

    Pure english language is a bit like house dust, all dead skin.

    The living bits of the english language are anything but pure,
    borrowing from a dozen drunken, pilaging, barbarian invaders,
    with not one good intention between them.

    (C) Copyright Tony Lance 1997.
    To comply with my copyright,
    please distribute complete and free of charge.

    Tony Lance

    From: Tony Lance <>
    Newsgroups: swnet.sci.astro,sci.chem
    Subject: Re: Big Bertha Thing mayor
    Date: Thu, 22 Feb 2007 16:23:16 +0000

    17 February 1998 19:47:02
    From: Tony Lance
    Subject: Group and Pip
    To: group
    Cc: Philip Sims
    gary.s Cresswell
    I keep hearing people disavowing membership of the group.
    All group members, except those in First Aid Tent, were
    volunteers who have not resigned.
    Everyone, including First Aid Tent members, have never
    dissented to group postings till now.
    The only unexplained event is membership of the First Aid Tent.

    Big Bertha Thing pip

    Guilty as charged. I should not have done any of the following;-
    1. defended you in the mods conf.
    2. given you an invitation, when the dogs were at the door.
    3. offered a refuge for the explosion survivors.
    4. ticked off the mods.
    5. put your name up in lights on OUSA Astronomy and Astronomy
    and Space.
    6. Put back the release of my software package, just because
    of the troubles.

    Personally I would take me out and shoot me, there is no punishment
    too bad for any mod, who gets even one complaint. We should be
    above reproach, like Caesers' wife.

    I will of course remove the words 'Extract to explain the project
    to Philip Sims' from all further postings.

    Please accept my appologies for all the bad things I did before
    your elevation to mod. I only pick on little people.

    Thank you,
    Tony Lance

    End of Big Bertha Thing pip

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    Tony Lance

    Default Re: Big Bertha Thing features

    Big Bertha Thing sedan
    Cosmic Ray Series
    Possible Real World System Constructs
    Access page 19K JPG Image
    Astrophysics net ring Access Site
    Newsgroup Reviews including uk.railway

    Painting showing, so called hands up the pole sedan chair.

    A Mandarin in his sedan-chair.

    Jostling along is a most motley crowd. Here, for example,
    comes the handsomely-decorated chair
    of a mandarin who is engaged on state business.
    Before him run two attendants armed with whips to clear the way,
    and behind them are boys carrying large painted boards
    on which is written, "Stand aside!" or "Respectful silence, please!"

    From the book
    The World and Its People
    Asia With Special Reference to British Possessions
    Published by Thomas Nelson and Sons 1903
    Without Author or Editor Name
    (C) Copyright Tony Lance 1998
    Distribute complete and free of charge to comply.

    Big Bertha Thing Bertha

    First Big Bertha posting was to first aid tent
    in OUSA Classical Particle Conf.,
    to provide aid and comfort to victims,
    who had been set upon by unnamed e-mail thugs.

    There was no way to make direct contact,
    with shell shocked victim, so we tried Big Bertha.
    The trick worked and first victim is well again,
    after saying, "At last, a normal man!"
    Since then Big Bertha has developed a life of her own
    and actually caught some thugs in the act.

    First posting consisted of two anecdotes effort and repairs,
    from Big Bertha Thing gamma and particle respectively.
    Effort was also the last assault rifle shot fired.
    Rollover and shotgun below, were the first Big Bertha
    sent in anger, with reply to all sender and copy to conf.
    Progress and anecdote forward was first cannon shot fired.
    Spider and fact(newsletter and readership for astronomy)
    was first landmine explosion,
    which was not even deployed on OUSA Astronomy.

    Big Bertha Thing apology(Rollover)

    Please accept my apologies for troubling you.
    It will not of course be repeated.
    However 3 net surfers have responded
    to my call to help out on the Conf., by volunteering.

    In emergency situations, needs must.
    You and your fellow net surfers number 3, I see.
    Net surfers have broad shoulders,
    thick skins and I trust, compassion.

    Big Bertha Thing shotgun

    By way of light relief, a similar general apology,
    to the one above, would bring solace and comfort,
    to the victims of such well intentioned postings.
    Please put it in a Big Bertha and address to conf.
    That of course, would be the end of spam.

    Tony Lance

    From: Tony Lance <>
    Newsgroups: swnet.sci.astro,sci.chem
    Subject: Re: Big Bertha Thing mayor
    Date: Fri, 23 Feb 2007 17:34:45 +0000

    Tuesday, November 18, 1997 04:12:46 PM
    From: Pam Scruton
    Subject: Re: archivist
    To: Tony Lance
    Hi Tony

    I'm afraid you are going to have to take me through all this very slowly - I did say my
    last Physics was A level some 30+ years ago didn't I?

    In answer to your question, yes I'm happy to be archivist - my 486 'boasts' a reasonable
    amount of hard disk space and I could allocate about 500MB to the job with as many backup
    100MB floppies (on a zip drive) as is necessary. I'm a bit puzzled about the email and
    password bit - do you mean that I should log on as AML34 with your password and download
    your mail and files? I'm not terribly comfortable with that idea - I would much rather
    you forward the relevant messages and attachments to me rather than I should find myself
    reading all your mail.

    Or perhaps it might be better to set up a closed subconference, one that can only be
    accessed by your volunteers and I would get archive the files from there.

    Or you can ask people to copy them to me or mail them to me directly.

    Have a think and let me know - I would rather not mess around with your mailbox - I'm
    pretty sure it's against the rules anyway!

    I have downloaded and run the Pastures software and there are lots of things I don't
    understand (probably because I don't exactly understand the physics - and I'm not even
    going to try to do that right now - although I think I understand what your goal is).
    First thing I didn't understand was why working through the Worked Example for Option 1 -
    the seven-hour bit took my machine about 20 minutes. So either I'm missing something
    fairly fundamental or there is a much bigger speed differential between a 386 and a
    486DX-66 than I would have thought!

    Then as Option 4 in the Worked example was next, I tried that, but it didn't work -
    presumably because it shouldn't be next, it should be after Option 3?

    When you refer to 'Edit particle.dat' are you referring to the Dos Edit command or are you
    using the term Edit more loosely than that?

    Anyway, having made a miserable attempt at running the examples I decided that I really
    need my hand held on this one. I'm afraid that perhaps your documentation steps just
    aren't quite small enough for me. Would it be too much trouble to go over it again at
    half speed? If it would and I can't be of much help to you running the damn thing, I will
    still happily act as archivist because I am now quite intrigued by it all!

    Cheers for now

    PS I don't understand your Big Bertha messages either - and I've heard of Serpico, there
    was a not very good film made about the case a few years ago that has been doing the
    rounds on Sky.
    PPS: Did you ever get Philip Sims on board? You certainly managed to alienate a few mods
    though didn't you? <<<Grin>>>

    Cheers once more

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    Tony Lance

    Default Re: Big Bertha Thing features

    Big Bertha Thing burster
    Cosmic Ray Series
    Possible Real World System Constructs
    16K Web Page
    Astrophysics net ring access site
    Newsgroup Reviews including sci.astro.seti

    Gamma Ray Bursters

    01 feb 2000
    Greg Goebel
    public domain

    Contents List:-

    Big Bertha Thing publication

    The statistics for Big Bertha Thing postings published
    on sci.astro are as follows:-

    20 No. 50K primary postings (out of 26)
    2 No. 600K ditto (out of 4)
    12 No. off-topic postings (out of 200)
    4 No. 50K secondary postings (out of 26)
    20 No. 4K ditto (out of 26)
    20 No. 2K ditto (out of 26)
    24 No. astronomical postings (out of 2000)

    There was almost zero response to the above, which were
    spread over 28 days, at the rate of two days per week.

    Book-burners deleted the archive of Net Access Policy
    postings prior to 2nd November 1998. Bertha saved those,
    with the exception of replies and published 12.

    The above were also posted to the Onenet conference
    Astronomy & Space. Here days 18, 19, 20, were minimal
    keep-off-the-grass days and on days 27 and 28 they
    broke ranks. The on-topic filibuster of sound-bite
    journalism ended, at 42 days old.
    (The beginning of the end of spam.)
    Thank you,
    Tony Lance

    01 June 1998 13:19:20
    From: Mansour Abou Jaoudy
    Subject: Confused was Re: Big Bertha Thing repairs
    To: Tony Lance
    Cc: George Ho-Yow
    OUSA Controller
    Hi Tony (& all)

    I haven't been much on line for some time, I come here to see loads of B.B.T. stuff in my
    mail box which i got no clue what to do with it.

    Is this a kind of joke taking so long. I recall some time ago couple of people wanted to
    be off the list but some how i still see their names on mmmmmm I see some light now ah no
    don't worry that is the monitor ON ;o)

    what makes me wonder, i see the OUSA Controller on the list, mmmmm i am sure she/he/they
    got something more important to do, or am i wrong.

    that leavs me with 3 options:

    a) This is all a joke and i just did not get it.
    b) This is some kind of a test to see how much mentally are we prepaired to take.
    c) You playing with fire.

    Now if it is "a" it is taking too long and people are getting upset (I myself one of them)
    I hope it is not "b", I re-checked your resume and you seem to me not the person who will
    do such a thing. you more into computers right.
    that leaves "c", well what shell i say, maybe we are lucky you got a 386 PC and not a PII
    300 ))

    There is a conference about Programming and programmers, why don't you come by and share
    with us your expereince in this field, you seem you got lots of it and will be of good
    help. I have to say i am the mod of that conference but have not been there for more than
    3 months, i feel like a stranger now ;o))

    I have included every one in my reply (although i don't know who are the "group" ) and
    will try to keep it for this time only.

    I read your message about internet and did not know in which conference to reply to, well
    it sounds good. as i said it SOUNDS. my advice never trust anything free, specialy on the
    net. they have here some kind of a free telephone they say it costs you nothing and you
    can speak as much as you want, BUT while you are in conversation, every 2 minutes you get
    an advirt and you have to press a key for yes/no if you press the wrong key by misstake
    you might bet something home of 100 which you don't want at all.

    now my interesting part of the reply, The Internet ;o) here in Holland they will have
    access at the end of this year through the tv cable. and Holland is the best country in
    that way, since every single house got a tv cable that is handled by the cityhall. and
    they said the speed will be more than 10 times an ISDN line. now that is something

    OK enought talking now, back to work ;o)

    take care

    and keep your fingers off the fire


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    Tony Lance

    Default Re: Big Bertha Thing features

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