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    Arrow Service profit with no expense!!!

    Here is a no brainer for the fixed operations department. How many calls do you get from customers wanting information? Of course getting a technician to the phone is almost impossible.....right? Here is the solution......go to and become a member (it is free). Then sign up to be an affiliate and attach a question box to your parts departments web site. This will create a link to send customers to this site. Then the customer can work one on one with an ASE Certified and/or factory trained technician which will answer their question. The customer decides how much they will pay for the answer and best of all you get 20% of what ever the customer spends for the answer for sending a customer to Expert Car Advice. You want it on the parts web site as if people are buying parts they need to know how to install them, torque specifications, diagrams, etc. It is a service the customer wants and needs so why not give them what they need as if you don't someone else will!
    OK.....reason number two to become a member. Say your a Chrysler dealer ever work on a Ford? Of course you do. So instead of sending the work away you get the help from to repair the vehicle. Then you don't have to wait for another dealer to look at it and you control the cost not another dealer plus you keep the work in house and make more profit and keep the technicians busy!
    OK......need another reason? How about this most dealerships sales departments are open longer than service right? So the service department is closed and you get a possible trade with a mechanical problem. How much is it going to cost to fix? Well that is the question to ask and get a real close estimate to know how to price the trade instead of guessing and paying for the mistake later!

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    Good stuff, thanks for the post there.

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    Having no idea. Thanks for interesting post.

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