I can't believe how rubbish this service is.

I booked the wife's Qashqai in for a 24K service last Thursday. They rang to confirm the booking, and confirmed they would pick up between 8.00 -10.00 am. I took 1 day's holiday to attend to this. Their website/phonesite is absolutely full of a "love-in" of how brilliant their service is.

At 10.21 nobody had turned up. I rang them, and theyassured me the garage was on the way (less than 10 miles away).

At 11.20 I rang again. Apparently it way my fault. The garage had telephoned 3 times (they hadn't) to "discuss my options". They couldn't pick the car up today due to "lack of drivers". Apparently Mickey Mouse was missing a driver.

I stated my annoyance with the operative (whilst not swearing), who advised me that "These things happen", not withstanding the fact they had broken their contract with me.

Bottom line is the service is cancelled, and it will be carried out by the local Nissan Garage. Granted it will cost a few quid more - but at least they will turn up on time and do what they are supposed to do.

I've today launched a small claims court warrant for 500, for loss of earnings and inconvenience. I’ve also lodged a complaint with Trading Standards. I have generated an "Experian" search on them and I see I'm certainly not the first to find out how shabby their service is.

Use them at your peril.

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