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Discuss Software for Planning Resources in the Service Departments forum at Car Dealer Forums; Hello There, Being a project manager for my company my work is to manage our ...
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    Hello There,

    Being a project manager for my company my work is to manage our projects across the world. With a huge resource pool like ours it is really troublesome for me to schedule them. So i wanted some kind of an automated program that would list down all my resources at one place and would let me schedule them then & there. Manual scheduling is just not working for me and is mistake prone. Can someone suggest some kind of software that would do the above mention things along with maintaining well organized and detailed financial and utilization reports of the resources. Not to mention that the software should be smart enough to warn me if i were booking a resource that is already booked by someone. Thanks in advance, it would be really helpful to hear from you all.

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    Hey Nancy,

    I am a project manager myself. I also faced similar problems like you are facing. Majors ones were like our resources were located across the globe and my job was to schedule them without making any error of overloading. Manual scheduling is truly troublesome. I went to an IT expert, he advised me to go for eResource Scheduler. I went for the trial and the software turned out to be what i wanted. It had detailed niche reporting features, time sheet management, etc. It worked for me just well. If you were to take my advice, go for the trial and see if it works for you as well.
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