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Discuss 2009 Forester in the Subaru forum at Car Dealer Forums; Hi there, I am looking at a new Forester and would like the Limited Trim ...
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    Default 2009 Forester

    Hi there,

    I am looking at a new Forester and would like the Limited Trim package, but was disappointed to learn that it doesn't come in manual...

    I'm writing to ask the community if you think Subaru would make a special order for me for the FOrester Limited with manual of if you think I will have no luck...

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    Default Subaru Forester

    I think it would be hard for you to make a special order since Subaru does not supply handmade cars unlike Ferrari and Lamborghini. You might want to try, though. Good luck!


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    I know the body style changed, but I spilled thick oil on the rear seat cushion, and subaru is charging too much to replace it. The newest replacement seat I found from a junkyard was from a 2008. Will this fit?

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