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Discuss Camry Throttle in the Toyota forum at Car Dealer Forums; hello, I have 95 camry with 2.2 engine with 177,000 miles just bought a month ...
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    hello, I have 95 camry with 2.2 engine with 177,000 miles just bought a month ago. Ran great until i took it on its first long trip to the beach and it started missing when idleing and at low rpm when going through the gears(5 speed) after it reached around 3000 rpm it ran fine. Replaced plugs,wires, checked for vacuum leaks and cleaned throttle body,Still ran the same with ac on or off.I unplugged the throttle position sensor and it runs perfect, the check engine light is now on, and was not before.Does this mean I just need to replace the tps or do I possibly have some other problem. Thanks for any input.

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    It sounds like you've had a go at checking the obvious. Did you take a look at your carburettor? It might be worth cleaning it, as sometimes the jets get clogged and this can show up at low revs. Good luck sorting it out.

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