I have a 1993 Toyota Corolla which has been giving me a problem I can't figure out. About a month ago I was driving down the interstate, doing between 70-75 mph, when my front right drive Axle broke. After taking it apart and giving it a closer inspection it broke at the ball bearings that mounts into the bracket. The ball bearing case was shattered.

I then replaced the axle with a brand new one, and it drove fine for normal back road driving for about 3 days. On the fourth day I took it on the interstate, babying it this time not going over 70, and the same thing happened. The drive Axle broke at the bearing case that fits into the bracket on the car. The drive shaft falls out of the transmission and the car becomes undriveable. Funny enough, if you climb under the car you can push the axle back into the transmission and at least get the car off the highway.

So after this happened again, we asked for opinions and people said it was probably a couple motor mounts on the transmission side. So we ordered a motor mount for the driver side, and one for the front of the car/motor. One of them was pretty expensive and hard to find. Anyway, long story short we replaced those two motor mounts, dropped another axle in and it drove well for about a month. Mostly back roads, I've kept it off the dreaded interstate lol... However yesterday I jumped on the highway, and sure enough the axle broke again. Same place, ball bearing case explodes bearings fall out and the axle falls out etc.

Im kinda stuck and confused. Any advice or tips/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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