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Memo: "Copying" Somebody is Not Cheating: It's Smart.

My Dear Friends,

"True Stories Sell Cars." It is an adage that I heard for the first time almost a decade ago; when I first stepped into the car industry. Since that time, I have had many trials, tribulations, and triumphs to form my own truths about the tactics and techniques necessary for sales success. In this letter, I want to share with you some insight about a true story I heard that has profoundly impacted my career.

Here's what I have discovered: It is not the story that sells, but instead; it's a compelling story that is the seed, that forms into a root of belief in a person. Then, and only then, can the foundational trunk emerge to be watered by action, and nurtured by practice; cultivating growth, and maturation into a strong, fruit-bearing tree. Becoming one that can thrive through seasonal changes, and continue to produce year after year. There's a divine law that says you will always reap what you sow. Additionally, you will always reap more than you sow; and of course, you will always reap later than you sow. Success in sales is no exception.

Let's put this theory to the test: I will share with you a true story about selling cars. It is not my story, but it was shared with me in my second year of selling cars. I came across it when "selling cars" was my job, not my career. In hindsight, I know that I wasted a lot of time and energy thinking like that; because it is impossible to get professional results with out the heart-set, mindset, and habits of a professional. Now - Are you ready for the good news? Here it is: With the right heart-set and mindset, you will form the right habits; and with this, it is impossible to get anything but professional results. My advice is this: Read this story as many times as you need to, until it spawns you into action - It is the winnowing fork that separates the wheat from the chaff:

Joe Girard, Guinness Book of World Records Holder for Best Salesman.

Cars & Trucks
(No Fleet Sales, he sold them One by One.)

Merollis Chevrolet, in Eastpointe Michigan.

~ 1963 - 267 Cars and Trucks (22 Per Month Average, 1st Year of Career.)
~ 1964 - 307 Cars and Trucks (26 Per Month Average)
~ 1965 - 343 Cars and Trucks (29 Per Month Average)
*NOTE: Became "By Appointment Only" after 3rd Year in his Career.
~ 1966 - 614 Cars (51 Per Month Average)
~ 1967 - 667 Cars (56 Per Month Average)
~ 1968 - 708 Cars (59 Per Month Average)
~ 1969 - 764 Cars (64 Per Month Average)
~ 1970 - 843 cars (70 Per Month Average)
~ 1971 - 980 cars (82 Per Month Average)
~ 1972 - 1208 cars (101 Per Month Average)
~ 1973 - 1425 cars (Record Year 119 Per Month Average)
~ 1974 - 1376 cars (115 Per Month Average)
~ 1975 - 1360 cars (113 Per Month Average)
~ 1976 - Over 1200 cars (100+ Per Month Average)
~ 1977 - Over 1200 cars (100+ Per Month Average)

Think about it: One man outsold 95% of the dealerships in the entire nation for over a decade straight. He Sold 13,001 cars in a 15 year career; Averaging over 50 cars per month for 12 straight years, and over 100 per month for 6 years! In 2001, he became the only salesperson to be inducted into the Automotive Hall of Fame; hailed for selling more cars than anyone else in the world.

In his words, "I treated my clients like they were gold" and "You wouldn't believe how good I treated my customers". He also did the one thing that really separated him from all other salespeople:...

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Copying Somebody is Not Cheating: It's Smart (CIADA Insider)

... Everybody who met Joe Girard would have answered with a resounding "YES"! Say what you will, but you just heard his story again, and he quit selling cars over 30 years ago... and nobody has touched the records he set.

It took me just over seven years to implement a card-sending system for myself. I had tried writing them by hand, and quickly became overwhelmed by the workload. By chance, I stumbled across a system that allows me to send real greeting cards to my clients in the mail for about $1 a piece, using my computer. Even better, with it, I could send multiple handwritten cards to all of my contacts in the same time it takes to send one: saving time, money, and energy. I was blown away - literally jumping with joy on the inside when I saw it for the first time, because I knew what it meant for the level of service I could now deliver to my clients; and ultimately the impact it would have on my career. Now, I use it for my day-to-day immediate follow-up, and for my client's monthly long term care. It makes follow-up easy and effective. The best part is this: Once you learn how to use it, it is easy to show others how. I discovered a way to harness technology to implement Joe Girard's priceless principle: A way to make his story a part of my reality. Would you like it to become a part of yours? I can show you, and let you try it yourself (for free). Just let me know, and feel welcome to contact me anytime: Tobias Sedillos, at 303-827-4785 or


PS: Your questions, suggestions and comments are always welcome. In the spirit of sharing, please, if you find this article interesting, and have grown from it; I invite you to share it with your co-workers, managers, and sales staff. I am driven to meet the demands of dealers to supply salespeople with the education, tools, and skill development they need for sales success. I look forward to meeting you in person, or hearing from you soon!

(This article may be reprinted with permission by author. Please contact at 303-827-4785.)

UPDATE - This article is now being reprinted in 10 other State Automobile Association Magazines: Since it's intial publishing I have had numerous Salesmen, Sales Managers, Principals, and Entire Dealerships express interest in the system I use to send out my cards: It Works. Think about it - a good salesman, on average closes only 30% of his contacts; it is the salesman that knows how to make every "missed sale" into a referral machine or "future sale" is the one who wins. You must have a system in place to help you with it that allows you to start small, and can grow with you - Otherwise you will be over-run by the time it takes and quit. The system I use allows me to follow up with somebody in a non-intrusive way for 8 years for $100 (About $1 per card, per month). My clients KNOW I care about them & remember them. Think they'll send me somebody in the next 8 years, if I give them this level of service? Don't wait - the sooner you start the better. There is going to be a lot of experienced salespeople hitting the job market soon - having a track record of loyal clientelle to you and having your own book of business is who the jobs will go to - Mark my words. The salesmen who don't have a deep understanding of this skill and a system in place that allows them to say in their employer "My clients are loyal to me because of the care I have given to them - they come with me." You will either be looked at as an asset or libility - You choose.

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