I recently bought a new vehicle for my business and was given a bunch of flowers and a car cleaning kit, I guess by way of customer service so I go back to that dealership. Do other firms still give away those kinds of freebees???

Although "pleasant" for me, these freebees did nothing to differentiate the dealership from any other. Worse yet, it did nothing for the image of the firm with the local populus and actually came accross as a bit chincey and a cliche.

I run a carbon offset company at www.CommunityOffset.Com and one of my clients is a car dealer. We supply a fair trade product to include in each car he sells and also plant a tree in a uk primary school for every car he sells to offset up to 1 tonne of emmissions. This concept is very popular with consumers as it eases their guilt over buying a car and also gives a point of differenciation for the dealer helping boost their PR and CSR as they are investing in local communities and the environment. It is also cheaper than a bouquet.

What do others think of this as a marketing tool and would anyone be interested?

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