I purchase a 2004 Isuzu Rodeo here at adesa in dallas texas. It was a repo and had check engine light on for a misfire. I got it really cheap and thought I could fix it on my own. Long story short, I don't want to continue sinking money into and would really like to get my money back and just be done with it.

I know that in state of texas, I have to inspect it and do the registration, but it won't pass inspection, and like I said above, just want to sell for what I have in it.

so my question is, is there anyway to just unload the vehicle and cut my losses without getting it inspected? I know if you sell it out of state, you don't have to inspect it. But I was not sure if there is a way to sell it to an individual with no inspection and no registration??

I was thinking is it possible to sell it AS IS FOR PARTS ONLY?

Please help, just want it gone.

thank you.

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