I'm sure we are all using four squares so here's how it goes.
Under the category for price of car my dealer adds a $995 "dealer fee" after that we negotiate the dealer fee not so much the price of the car but our cars ARE the lowest price on the web for the quality so the dealer fee is In my opinion justified. But now when we add a new random fee of 500 and start negotiating we go "talk to the management" and say all happily "I was able to get you the entire _____ fee waived which never happens" and then the customer thinks they got a big fee waived for nothing. I used this many times in other types of sales jobs but not cars.
So basically: 2000 for car (car actually sells for 3-4k) + 995 dealer fee + new random fee of 500 = 3496
Then just say you can "wave" the random fee and they feel they saved money.
3495-500=2995 which was our target to sell it for.
Do you guys think it will work?
Any tips to selling cars will be appreciated I'm on my 5th day haven't made a sale but ive made 5 appointments after calling like 100+ people about leads we got 3 months ago. (They had me start by contacting old leads to train)

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