I need some help / advice. I've been buying and selling cars on CL for 8 years and decided to get my license. I started going to auctions and observing and getting a feel for it and the prices they were selling for at auction. I am VERY good with valuation and pretty much know EXACTLY what price is needed to get a car sold. $500 means the difference between zero calls and a sale.

I noticed that dealers are paying MORE (in many cases significantly more) than I know I could sell that car for to the public. I can't find any cars on craigslist anymore because it's flooded with dealers advertising in the owner section and spam. CL has gotten so bad, that it's almost unusable to even sell a car there because of the high saturation of dealers in the owner section.

I've talked to people and read many reviews and Autotrader is a complete waste of money... those ads don't get calls.

So I've got a two-fold problem. #1, I can't find cars to sell for a profit. (i'm happy with a $500 profit)
#2, Now that craigslist is trashed, I don't have an effective way to sell them when I do have them. My location is crap in a poor city with poor quality traffic.

Should I give up the license and the "business" (if you wanna call it that) or am I doing something wrong?

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