HomeNet, Inc. announced today that the automotive technology provider will launch a pilot program for its new mobile lot management device. The device known as Pocket IOL will interface directly with the Inventory Online (IOL) marketing suite.

The Pocket IOL software program can be installed on most PDA devices running Windows CE. It allows dealership personnel to prepare inventory listings for online distribution from a handheld device anywhere on the lot. Pocket IOL will seamlessly synchronize with any standalone digital camera to upload vehicle photos into the IOL system and also give users the ability to print window stickers from the handheld device.

“Pocket IOL gives every automotive dealership across the country the ability to efficiently manage their online inventory in-house,” commented HomeNet CEO Jesse Biter. “There will always be a market for service-minded digital lot management firms. But for those dealers who want to ensure that their online inventory is accurate and up-to-date each day, Pocket IOL is an affordable and effective solution.”

HomeNet plans to release two versions of Pocket IOL. A retail version will be marketed directly to dealerships who are seeking a comprehensive, in-house solution for online inventory management. The enterprise version will be geared towards digital lot management firms that need a solution that supports multiple locations as well as an integrated billing component.

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