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    How important is cross-browser compatibility in web software?

    Recently I was unable to test drive a product because of my Mac OS X Firefox / Safari outfit. This is not the first time it has occurred, but it certainly was a let down.

    The response I got back from the company was understandable, but not helpful. It was explained to me that the development team had already explored the ROI in supporting non-IE browsers and determined it was not in their best interest. Therefore, if you are not using a recent enough version of IE then it is impossible to log in. The end result was that the demo did not occur, and the probability of becoming a customer was eliminated.

    Ensuring cross-browser compatibility is important, but it does not come without a cost. While the ROI may not justify cross-browser compatibility in all cases, I do question the harm in this case of restricting a system exclusively to IE. Often times web software might only be supported in one browser, but it is not prohibited from being accessed in other browsers.

    I decided to put this in the open spectrum for a transparent debate on the matter, but for the best interest in everyone I have obviously not supplied information on this particular provider. I hope that can be appreciated and respected.

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    C'mon people! Cross-browser/platform compatibility isn't that hard to accomplish. I've worked in the online automotive industry and more recently was a web developer for top tier retail companies (NFL, MLB, ToysRUs) that devote time to SEO compatibility and marketing.

    On initial design of a site, use multiple/browser-specific stylesheets to account for the differences in different browswers. Instead of using ActiveX components, which limits to Windows-IE users ONLY, use Flash or Java based components.

    Spending more time in the development upfront will make your clients more money in the long run. The non-IE user base will only continue to grow. If you can justify in leaving out close to 25% of the users out there, please share you reasons, as I would be very interested in hearing why you would choose to leave out 1 out of 4 potential buyers.


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