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Discuss xc90 mods in the Volvo forum at Car Dealer Forums; i found really cool ones at if anybody wanted to know where to find ...
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    Default xc90 mods

    i found really cool ones at if anybody wanted to know where to find cool ones...

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    The 760 was Volvo's attempt to cement a place in the prestige market, after building a reputation for being solid and safe rather than out-and-out luxurious cars. Jan Wilsgaard, head of Volvo's Design and Styling team, proposed over 50 new designs for the new car. It was introduced to the US in 1982 for the 1983 model year as the 760 GLE sedan. This new design was criticized by the media when released: Gordon Murray of Autocar Magazine said, "To me it's obscene! That goes right against the grain of what everybody else is trying to do.

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    This is a fully loaded 2007 XC90 V8. It has an exterior Heico body-kit and an interior Heico door pins, pedals and stick shift. Evolve Big Brake System (8 piston). Heico 30mm lowering kit with IPD performance sway bars and HD end joints. EuroSport Dual exhaust and 20" Zinik Rims.

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