Hi I just bought this car and being it was a Volvo and sold to me so cheap I'm hoping that this problem I seem to be having with the way the car idles will be a cheap on to fix. When I start the car it turns over smoothly , give it a little gas and it seems to decrease slightly in RPM's before it begins to reeve , and than it seems like it wants to die. On the freeway as I merge into traffic it hesitates and I lift my foot off the accelerator and reapply the peddle and it seems to rev slowly gathering momentum enough to switch into the gear that travels on the freeway. I'm a single mom , raising my kids and can not afford a mechanic but I use this car to commute so it's imperative that it is at it's peak performance in reliability and safety. I need to know how difficult it is to check the fuel injectors in regard to how they are dispensing the fuel?? Do I just disconnect one at a time and have someone gently turn the key so I can visually check the spray?? I have Tuesday and Wednesday off and plan on trouble shooting it myself. I already know where the fuel filter is located , I just want to be prepared for the possibility that it's not that and move on to the next possibility. Thanks for any help given.

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