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Discuss Transmisson fluid in the forum at Car Dealer Forums; It is true that some cars will do fine changing the transmission fluid every 100,000 ...
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    It is true that some cars will do fine changing the transmission fluid
    every 100,000 miles.It is also true that you do not want to introduce
    contaminants into the transmission when the fluid and filter is
    changed.Use clean, lint free towels.I drive past Eagle transmission every
    day going to work and notice that every bay has a car on it getting the
    transmissions worked on.With the cost of repair on a Mercedes transmission
    being what it is,I am not willing to take the chance of going 100,000 miles
    before changing the fluid and filter.I will be changing the AT fluid myself
    every 3 years in my 1995 SL320 with a new filter.In fact I replace all
    fluids and filters every 3 years and the oil and filter every 3500
    miles.I use Mobil 1 synthetic 0W-40 at the dealership and the true MB OEM
    filter.I sleep very well.

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    Richard Sexton

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    In article <4ccd0cf12e8ccb8bb9894152c4889997@localhost.talkab>,
    sl3204me <> wrote:
    >It is true that some cars will do fine changing the transmission fluid
    >every 100,000 miles.

    Not a good idea. More luck than anyhting else. More cars die of bad trannies through burnt
    or "chunky" oil than a piece of lint in the valve body.

    You aren't supposed to get lint anywhere near a tranny anyway, you use lint free
    cloths when you need to use a cloth at all, and you use your fingers to wip off the
    tranny dipstick.

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    Microfiber towels are lint free towels !! They are the best tool for detailing and drying purposes !!

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