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    Default 240 front wiper doesn't work

    I have a 1987 240 wagon. When I turn on the windshield wiper, nothing
    happens - not on any of the switch settings.

    I have checked the fuse and replaced the motor, neither was the cause.

    I put a multimeter on the connector block contacts. None showed any voltage,
    although both sets showed a decrease in resistance when the switch was on.

    Which is the cause most likely to be:

    1) the intermittent mode relay;
    2) lack of a ground somewhere;
    3) bad switch on the stalk; or
    4) something else?


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    Mr. V

    Default Re: 240 front wiper doesn't work

    First, clean the prongs at the fuse and the fuse itself with a small
    wire brush or sandpaper, and test with a test light to rule out fuse

    Then, the check for a good ground at the wiper.

    There should be a flexible metal piece at one of the bolt points: make
    sure it is corrosion free, as well as the attaching point.

    You might run a separate ground from another point on the wiper body to
    another grounding point on the firewall.

    If that isn't it, I'd check the wiper stalk next with a VOM, to see if
    the readings change at the prods when you change stalk positions.

    Actually, the easiest is to substitute with a spare which is known to
    be good.

    Finally, substitute the relay (tucked under aluminum shield under
    carpet under driver's left foot).

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    Some micrometers do not read correctly on cars because they are intended for home use. Read a comparative review of cheap multimeter, which are suitable for cars.

    As for your problem, it seems to me that your motor on the wiper has died, check if there is voltage there and if the motor is spinning there.

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