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    Default DealerIndustry.Com Car Bidding Launches 1st Time Ever Dealer to Dealer New Car Auction Website to Help Manage New Vehicle Inventory
    For Immediate Release


    Orlando, FL (PRWEB) –, made up of automotive industry executives, launches it’s much anticipated website that is an on-line Dealer to Dealer new car inventory live auction. This website will help new car dealers to better network with each other, by allowing them to buy or sell excess new car inventory at the auction. is certainly a revolutionary tool in the automotive industry and it’s free for dealers to post inventory.

    After two years of planning, is launching a site to help new car dealerships manage their new car inventory. solves a severe problem that exists in North American car dealerships…what to do with excess inventory they need to move, and how to purchase the new car inventory they need. provides the answer to assist new car dealers in not only managing their inventory, but also in managing their floor plan by giving new car dealerships the opportunity to sell new car inventory that is not needed, which also becomes financially draining. Senior Officer Douglas Oakes commented, “ was born out of frustration and because several of us auto professionals thought it would be neat to have a destination for helping New & Independent Auto Dealers, including their employees better manage the daily challenges of the retail auto business.”

    Officer Simon Soaf noted. “ EMPOWERS each dealer with the ability to network with dealers all over the country. Dealerships have been buying and selling Inventory from each other for a long time. New car dealerships understand that most brokers only network with limited groups of dealers they have relationships with. The brokers’ network of dealers that they usually depend on, may not want to buy or sell at the exact moment hundreds of dealerships are experiencing immediate new car inventory issues. There are a lot of dealerships that a broker is not working with today. New car dealers all around country at any given moment have what other dealers need to buy or have inventory that they need to wholesale! is all about improving the networking of dealers around the USA! This inefficient process needed to be improved. We all know that having aging vehicles on a car lot is not good business. Now, with, an automotive dealer can move their aging vehicles quickly and efficiently to other dealers who need them…a true win-win situation.’

    Similar to the eBay consumer auction website, the website allows auto dealers to enter the minimum price they want for the vehicle as well as placing a ‘buy it now’ price or letting other auto dealers ‘offer’ a price for the vehicle. also saves time and money by providing a convenient shipping / transportation service to have any purchased new car vehicle transported anywhere in the U.S., from one car to a truck load of vehicles - a simple online form takes care of all the shipping needs.

    Led by an executive team with a combined total of 100 years experience as auto industry owners, executive managers of GM dealerships, website business and auto finance company founders, to BMW, Ford, Mercedes &GM executive internet consultants. is a website that not only helps solve new vehicle inventory issues, but also provides a community meeting place for people in the automotive industry. This is something that has never been done on a large scale in the auto industry. The car forums have been set up to encourage dealers to talk and share ideas across the country and there’s a job board to encourage new people to join the automotive industry ( also provides automotive job training in both sales and internet sales). There’s also a listing of the top auto dealer advertising / marketing that is hoped will inspire and motivate other dealers to reinvent their own advertising (a dealer can also submit their own advertising for inclusion on the site.) Dealers can browse through automotive dealer TV ads, car dealership newspaper ads, car dealer radio spots and examples of great auto dealer direct mail campaigns – they can even share their opinions and rank the automotive dealer adverts by favorites.

    In keeping with’s mission to help solve inventory and staff turnover issues, staff writer Erwin Aguayo does feature articles about successful and innovative people in the auto dealer industry to inspire and motivate others to join an industry that typically pays 3 or 4 times that of any other retail job. With great stories of people from all backgrounds who not only have a job in the auto industry, but have made a successful career in car dealerships, earning over $100,000.

    About – is an online one-stop resource for the automotive industry, providing new car dealers with an inventory tool to manage, buy or sell excess new car inventory. offers auto dealers the opportunity to post new vehicles for free and offers job postings and resume postings to join candidates with auto dealer employers, as well as offering online training courses for new hires and people looking to join the automotive industry. With articles, message boards, forums and top dealer marketing ideas, is a meeting place for car dealer staff, management and owners to talk and share their experiences, ideas and recommendations.

    For further information or high resolution images for press use only, please contact:

    Simon Soaf Tel: (877) 537-5775

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    Thanks for the info!

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    How is the site doing?

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    Thanks that is interesting

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