I am really getting frustrated with my current job. GM of a fast food restaurant. Stress and Wanting more money are my main factors for wanting to leave. I am tired of having to depend on other people for my success. Its really hard to get people to work for 7.25 an hour.

Anyway, Right now im making 28k a year plus profit sharing which is around 100 a month (wooo hooo lol).

I have already interviewed and I have the job if i want to make the transistion to the dealership. The dealership is one of if not the biggest chevy dealerships in the state. They have New Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, New Chevy, GMC, Buick and a used lot...over 450 cars on the lot for me to sell from.

The pay is a 2000$ draw....I get 25% commision on each used car. 100$ for each new car and at 19 new cars per qtr i get an extra 100 per car. So that is 3800$ for just selling 19 new cars.

The worst month that the dealership has ever had is 90 new cars and 60 used cars. So that is 150 in the worst month. They have 11 salesmen so that is roughly 15 cars per salesmen a month.

My dad sold cars for 25 years. I have seen the ups and downs of the business ive seen him make a lot of money during his good days. And he just got burnt out and went to crap.

My main goal is use this to save up enough money in 5 years be able to open up my own gym or my own business. I would need about 50k. This is something I would never be able to do in the Fast food position because i am always on the clock and responsible for so much its hard to have free time and do my job correctly.

Sorry for the long first post but im just looking for some advice on making the transition.

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