How Set It And Forget It Can Drive Traffic to Your Dealership

In the customer retention management field, automotive retention programs that allow for users to Ďopt-iní for continuous updates on their vehicles serve as an important tool for automotive dealerships to drive customers into their service centers.

In fact, automotive dealerships use multiple channels of communication such as targeted direct mail, voice messaging and emails to make sure theyíre always in touch with their customers. By using data segmentation techniques, these solutions allow dealerships to save on costs by sending out crucial information to relevant targets.

The following are some benefits in using a set it and forget customer retention strategy to help drive traffic into your dealership and help with your overall return on investment (ROI).

  • Right offer, right time. One of the primary advantages of a targeted marketing plan is delivering the right offer, to the right person, at the right time. If a customer is coming out of a lease arrangement, a well-timed email informing them of some leasing offers can help pique your customerís interest in a new vehicle.

  • Budget appropriately. When putting together direct marketing initiatives, itís easy to want to have grand plans and want to do anything you can to increase that ROI for your dealership. But take a deep breath: if youíve strategized right and used all the tools available to you (email, texting, social media and an properly maintained database), you can have a very budget-friendly campaign that delivers results.

  • Be aggressive Ė to the right targets. With any direct marketing campaigns, there are two sets of targets: customers that actively consume offers that come their way and inactive ones that either read the offer and forgets it or simply tosses it aside without batting an eye. Itís the latter that an aggressive, discounted promotional campaign should be directed towards. By doing so, youíll give them incentive to come to your dealership for such items as brake specials, services and wheel alignments.

Putting together effective targeted direct marketing campaigns that use multiple channels helps increase response rates and augments your chances of reaching customers. It also ensures that youíre always communicating with them the way they want to receive communications. So if youíre timely with your targeted direct mail offers, budget your plans appropriately and are aggressive in your offers with inactive customers, youíre well on the road to a rock solid ROI on your efforts.

~ Missy Jensen, Social Media Manager at DMEautomotive

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