Fidelity credit care provides affordable credit repair services to your borrowers. If your clients were denied for a car loan or approved with a high interest rate, our friendly staff and personalized services can help them to restore their credit and get approved, and we'll pay you a generous referral fee! If your customer was approved for an undesirably high interest rate, send them to us with the promise that we'll be able to restore their credit in order for them to get a lower rate next time! They'll remember you forever for helping them improve their lives, and keep coming back to you for all of their automobile purchases!

We are different from other credit repair companies in that we are not just a letter mill. We care about our clients and will personally work with them to help them fix their credit and improve their lives.

As a dealer, you have the opportunity to create a new pipeline with Fidelity Credit Care by using our lead regeneration program to turn your adverse loans into future approved loans, all while earning commission on every client who buys our service based on your referral!

Do you have to tell a client they've been denied due to bad credit? Give them a solution. We'll provide you with everything you need to show and tell your borrowers about our service. If they choose to let us help, we'll pay you a $75 commission for each client who uses our services, and once their credit is restored, we'll refer them right back to you where they can get approved!

Would you prefer to have us contact your borrowers directly? Send us your adverse loan contact information, and we'll get in touch with the borrowers on your behalf to offer our help. We'll still refer them back to you for their loan once their credit is restored, and pay you the same generous commission for the referral!

Please send us an email, or visit our website at Untitled Document for more information.
You can also call us at 732.681.1606 to speak with a representative.

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