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Discuss car insurance -Safety In in the Finance and Insurance forum at Car Dealer Forums; So i got car insurance with some no name branch for safety insurance. About a ...
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    So i got car insurance with some no name branch for safety insurance. About a week later i got into an accident pretty much totaling my car the other guys car was fine (freaken ford pickup) and he says he's all set no fault on my behalf. i make the call to the 24 hour hotline file my claim and wait for a return call. about 2days later i receive a call follow up questions blah blah bluhhhhh...... 3 days later i get a letter saying "thanks for insuring with us... we appreciate your business.... claim number... refer to this number.... (heres the good part) Unfortunately, your policy does not provide coverage for the damages to your vehicle so we are unable to make a payment for your vehicles damages....bluh bluh bluh.' thats it no explanation no nothing. 450 towing and storage fee, my cars totaled. by this time a had already bought a new car. so i called my agent, the one who i bought the policy from, and gave her a piece of my mind. she informed me that none of the above info ever was seen by her or her office and that i am entitled to not only have my car fixed or replaced but that i was allowed to rent a car that would be paid for by the insurance company, but if i wanted to get my money/car/rental i would need to keep the car on the policy (also side note I ALREADY RENTED A CAR, AND THE COMPANY TOLD ME THAT MY INSURANCE WOULDN'T COVER THE CHARGES ) SO MY QUESTION: why is it that i cannot transfer my old registration to my new car and still get my COVERAGE for the last car!!! i cant keep my new car with no plates or it will get towed, my old car works but its not drivable, i'm flat broke now, i'm so stressed and pissed off i need an F-ING car for work and to enjoy the summer...... WTF OMFG please some one shed some good light on this. i'm pretty sure the agent is retarded and doesn't know what the hell she's talking about and the insurance company has its head up its a$$

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    It is clear that your agent was not providing complete information related to claim, and it happens a lot with us, we always think that agent is filling our requirements but we should follow the claim by making a contact directly with company.

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    Car insurance can vary a great deal depending on the vehicle you drive.

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