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Discuss HTDI Financial - CSO Program in the Finance and Insurance forum at Car Dealer Forums; You spend thousands of dollars every month to attract customers to your dealership… … and ...
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    Smile HTDI Financial - CSO Program

    You spend thousands of dollars every month to attract customers to your dealership…
    … and they leave without a car.

    How can you still earn a profit and maximize client return?

    Our CSO Program allows you to start your own credit repair company much easier than anyone else.

    1st Round 46.21%
    2nd Round 20.37%
    3rd Round 18.50%
    4th Round 14.81%
    The link to our website is Start your own credit repair company . On this site, please take a look at our results on the left hand side. We have one of the highest fix/delete ratios in the industry with an average of over 45% clean in the very first 45 days of service!

    Please login at Client Status Sheet
    USERNAME - test
    PASSWORD - test
    Any changes made will be reflected on our demo credit repair site located at CSO Demo Credit Repair Site.
    The costs involved are setup and then a per client basis. We give you a wholesale rate and you charge a retail rate. For example, you will have us do the backend work for just $200 per client for 6 months of work. You also have a minimum requirement to enroll 3 clients per month; should there be any month that you do not meet this requirement, we simply charge you for the remainder.

    Total initial out of pocket expense is $1000, $600 of which goes into your prepaid account so that when you enroll clients they will be automatically deducted from there.
    Please let me know if you have any questions at all.
    If starting your own company is not an option, then you can still track your clients, close more loans, and receive a $50 spiff for every enrolled client.
    HTDI Financial - We're here for you

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    HTDI Financial Is The Proven Industry Leader In Credit Repair and Restoration. Start your own credit restoration company that is quick, easy, and best of all profitable. We do the work and you make the money. Work with the industry leading business opportunity that makes it easy to get started you’ll wish you found us years ago.HTDI Financial's CSO Program allows you to open a successful credit restoration with state-of-the-art tracking systems without taking on the burden of doing the actual processing. Their CSO Program was created over 3 years ago, and since its inception has led the industry for brand new companies and existing businesses looking to outsource their backend. You can earn on average between $500 to $700 per client and these are realistic numbers.HTDI Financial's was the first to create the idea of helping others start their own businesses without having to deal with the burden of the actual processing several years ago. Don't be fooled by knockoff "copycat" programs that you find online. There are more popping up every day trying their best to capitalize on the success of our proven CSO program.

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