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Discuss Car Warranty Sales in the General Car Biz Talk forum at Car Dealer Forums; One of my friends recently developed software to optimize car warranty sales. The software estimates ...
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    Default Car Warranty Sales

    One of my friends recently developed software to optimize car warranty sales. The software estimates the optimal price to charge a given customer for the warranty based on a variety of variables, including the customerís demographics, time of day he/she visits the dealership, etc. My buddy is a former NASA engineer, who has built a lot of software, and he believes this could increase sales conversions and extract more value from the customer. He also claims anyone can run this thing in less than 10 seconds and that it would add at least 10% to a dealership's warranty sales.

    I told him I would try to figure out if there is anything like this out there. Has anyone heard of anything that tells you a customized price to sell an extended warranty to every individual customer? It's been a while since I was in the industry; do you think dealerships nowadays would want to try something like this? I told him that if he gave it away for a free trial or something he would have a better chance. Thoughts? Thanks for your help!

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    I dont think so anything happen like this in warrant, fault ever create after warranty period

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