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Discuss Murano pulley follies in the Nissan forum at Car Dealer Forums; For some reason when I went to take the altenator off to replace it (not ...
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    Angry Murano pulley follies

    For some reason when I went to take the altenator off to replace it (not knowing until earlier that there was a recall) I couldn't seem to loosen the tension on the idler pulley for the life of me. So whe I finally got fed up and had to pry the pully off the bolt (because I knew the belt was going to get changed anyway) I got it free only to notice that the bolt that is suppose to lift the pully with the adjustment nut above had been broken at the weld. (Come to find out, my woman had had the alt. replaced about eight months ago.. and I assume they broke it because the alt. was still the one from the factory!!!) So now I need to know EXACTLY what the name of the part (or assembly) is so that I can get another one. The people at the dealership couldn't help me, autozone, napa, nobody seems to know what this imaginary part is called.. HELP???

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    Good news.. found the part(s), the technical term is idler pulley "assembly", containing the pulley (which no one really needs), the mount bracket (which you don't really need), and the adjusting rod/nut. Apparently this is one of the most common problems with the Murano, the breakage of this backwards threaded bolt. The part, cheapest I could find, was around $66 all in all. Good luck and maybe my relentless efforts will pay off for myself and someone else further down the if I could only fix the driver's seat...

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