Tracking Your Targeted Direct Mail Campaigns Can Reap Returns

In last month’s blog, I touched upon how Tracking – Targeted Direct Mail (TDM) was an integral part of the automotive direct marketing process.

We also asked the following questions: How do you process and use the results about a particular direct marketing piece? How do you rate its effectiveness and how does it impact your current strategy in regards to TDM?

In attempting to answer the above, it leads to another simple – but true – cause and effect relationship-type question in your TDM as it relates to foot traffic in your dealership and sales: How many times did your door swing and your cash register ring?

This month, I want to point out where you should be able to evaluate the results of the previous TDM and start implementing a strategy for your upcoming TDM.

One place dealerships can review TDM results is through their customer marketing program, allowing you to easily monitor an array of data and activities on a real-time basis in order to evaluate which direct marketing pieces get customers into your dealership. The dashboards typically include:

  • Customer Dashboard
  • Sales Dashboard
  • Service Dashboard
  • Email Dashboard
  • Competitive Customers Dashboard

These dashboards will reveal your “Lowest Bearing Fruit”. In other words, how do we take those opportunities for sale and turn them into quick sales for your dealerships?

Most robust programs offer dashboards, in which dealers can quickly identify their target audience — whether current customers or conquest customers — to create a relevant, timely and personalized “Call to Action”.

Where do you begin to look for all of this? Do you even have the technology, processes and systems in place to quickly analyze these reports and facts? If you use a customer-marketing program, an important tool like a dashboard makes the data readily available and easy to implement in your automotive direct marketing strategy. Learning to use the dashboards and interpreting the data is a pivotal part of TDM strategies.

At the conclusion of that process, how quickly and how long do you want to proceed with a particular strategy? In my experience, most strategies of this nature should include a quarterly rotation of both current and conquest customers

So…do you know your “Lowest Bearing Fruit”?

In next month’s blog, we will discuss how I develop and determine the “Hook/Theme/Messages/Content” for my TDM initiatives.

Happy planning…

~ Paul Ryan, Field Account Manager @ DMEautomotive

Bio: Paul Ryan brings over 25 years of experience in sales, sales management, marketing, and client services. He joined DMEautomotive in February of 2008, as a Regional Territory Manager. With proven success as an inside sales representative selling the FullCircle Solutions’ Bullseye program, he was recognized frequently as Sales Person of the Month and received the highest honor of Sales Person of the Year for 2008. In August of 2009, Paul managed, “Direct-To-Dealer” – Mail Division, responsible for overseeing the sales for the “Direct-To-Dealer” Mail Division. Currently he is traveling in the Midwest as Field Account Manager. Paul graduated with a B.B.A, in Business Administration from Iowa State University in 1982.

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