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    Default Sales man new to Car Sales Industry

    Just wanted to start of by saying hello to everyone.

    Don't know where to really start but I'll try by explaining some of my goals and who I am so that those that come across this post know what I want to inquire.

    I've been working in sales since I was 18. Started in a retail store, went to direct marketing (door to door), to telemarketing, and now online marketing. Most of the things I've worked with where toys, and every day accessories. Most of my life I've worked with commission and now commission only jobs. To me commission only jobs is very motivating. If I don't produce or sell anything I don't make anything or bring home anything so it is technically a must for me produce or sell something every day. To know I've come to the point where I've been able to sell medicine and all sorts of things, person to person, or even over the phone.

    Now to the point of the reason why I'm here. I came in contact with a person who we are developing a mutual friendship I would assume. The guy has like 100 cars in aduana ready to go out. (I live in costa rica by the way) Through out us getting to know each other, my wife being friends with his wife. We began to talk. We spoke about my history of work, and what I currently do, and said I could probably be helpful for his plan of work. I asked what was it he was talking about, and he said he has 100 cars in aduana. Been their stuck for almost a year. In costa rica it's very common to prolong things majorly because the country and the people are not as developed or efficient as in the US. I'm from New Jersey Originally as well.

    Never the less, his plan is to open up two locations, put half of the cars in one location and half of the cars in another.

    Now as a sales man, you need to know the product you are selling to be able to speak about it, mention all the goodies, pitch, and close the sale.

    Well I'm not a car person. I wasn't a medicine person but I learned all about medicine to be able to sell just about any medicine to anyone. I wasn't a toy maker or an accesory maker but learned about the product to be able to speak about it, to lure the client into closing the sale.

    My inquiry is this. Does anyone know what are the basics I need to look into when selling a car. I'm not a car person myself. I've mostly traveled just about everywhere with taxis. Never did I want a car because as a person I have priorities and one of them is that I need to have a house first to have a car. I'm 26 years old by the way. So that is the reason why I don't own a car or ever thought of attempting to get one. But now I'm in a position where I would like to sell cars but don't know where to start to get to know about them. Therefor that is when I began to search for car communities, or places that speak about selling cars or dealerships to get some advice. Talk about inquiries, and ways to speak to clients to close a sale. Talk about rebuttals to see if I can always improve my pitch and answers, never the less to help those in my shoes that may be going through my experience while I better myself.

    I'm a newbie to cars, I want to learn about cars, but don't know what are the basics and what else I should look into. If someone would be great enough to assist me I would really appreciate it.


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    You need to get in them and drive them. Play with the functions, learn the product hands on. Get a general idea of different sized engines, how they perform, and what kind of fuel mileage they get. Learn the safety features! Safety, fuel consumption, looks, and reliability are some of the main topics you'll be discussing with customers. They're going to expect you to know this stuff, and they want to know they are working with a professional. Keep in mind that if you're not selling cars that are up to par, you will have a bunch of ANGRY customers, so make sure this guy has quality inventory, and not just crap that's been rotting in his field!

    Also, buy yourself a Joe Verde book and read, read, read. Once you're done reading it, go back to page #1 and do it again!

    Best regards,

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    Hows it going with the marketing? I work for, we provide dealership management software that simplifies the process of selling a car. Send me a message with your contact information and we will see what we can do to help you and your mutual friend sell those 100 cars

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